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Edu's Considering Transfer Targets: Summer 2022 🛒

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If we only make one more signing, which would you prefer?

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I think we may need to move away from 2 players for each position and just think about having forwards, midfielders and defenders. More specifically the profile.

Vieira - RW, LW, RCM, LCM
Tomi - RB, LCB, RCB, LB
White -RB, CB, DM
Zinchenko - LB, LM, LCM
Martinelli - RW, LW
Saka - LW, RW, LCM, RCM

Oddly enough, I think the versatility of those players may be the key to our season.

However adding a versatile CB like Ndicka to cover LB also. A midfielder like Luiz who can cover 8 and 6 and a winger like Neto who can play both flanks, would make the squad incredibly strong. There would be no weakness.
Getting rid of Holding for Ndicka would not cost very much. Getting Luiz would not either. Elneny leaves next year so we could get a top midfielder then?

Although Luiz is not that great, he is EPL proven and has one year in contract. I just wonder if they think he blocks Sambi or isn't that much better than Elneny.

Also I wonder if Ndicka is fine coming to Holding role here. Think he might want to play more.

Neto is too expensive with 5 years in contract.


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I like CHO but Chelsea's players are not good when they come here, D.Luiz, Cech, Willian, Gallas, Benayoun... :facepalm:

This is nothing alike. It's a young talent not getting in their team and they have history for letting Salah, KDB, Ake leave cheaply

And Gallas and Benayoun were good. Even Luiz and Cech were decent

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I like CHO but Chelsea's players are not good when they come here, D.Luiz, Cech, Willian, Gallas, Benayoun... :facepalm:
Yeah but these guys were washed and end of thier career Hudson-Odoi is only 21 if he don't earn that much money most teams will consider him imo


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That depend on the manager he'd likely be saka backup but his chances here higher than Chelsea because tuchel don't trust him

He'd also get Europa and Cup games. Probably get some minutes off the bench too. He can play left and right wing I think. So he probably plays if Gabby is out too. So should be a decent amounts of minutes but if he prefers to be a starter he doesn't come

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I spoke about him recently, this would be an excellent deal if we could get the numbers right. Concerns for me is his fitness, but when on song he has the necessary skillset (pace, dribbling ability, vision) to be a top player for us.

Struggle to see Chelsea selling him to us though.
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CHO huh?

Interesting. Always rated him. Big wages though, lost some of his explosiveness since his achilles tear too. Still puts up good underlying numbers, particularly as a creative winger. Provides able backup to Saka and could conceivably compete for starts at his best. Strong dribbler. Still young.

I'm not completely against this, I have to say. Watched Marquinhos for u21s the ither day and while he's good in front of goal, talk that he's ready are premature. Loan is best IMO. Reiss has likely torn his quad. Pepe is persona non grata. I could see this being a deal we pursue. CHO still a talented player. But cons to manage.

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Why do we need a winger? Just spend 60m on a starting CM and get it done with.

No point spending 40m on a winger who’s just gonna ride the bench. Improve the starting 11 ffs. F*ck knows why we’re linked to this Pino kid.
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