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Edu's Considering Transfer Targets: Summer 2022 🛒

If we only make one more signing, which would you prefer?

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If we get rid of hector, pepe and amm. That will be success enough. If we do that and bring in a stunted *** like Cho. It will be like trading a fiat for a corolla.


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Wouldn't mind Hudson Odoi, I'm taking him over Pino...

There's definitely a player in there. Arteta has done really good work with Martinelli and Saka as well do it would be in CHO's interest to make the move. We need another wide player 100%.


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Keeping Xhaka in the starting XI in this role is a mistake imo. I think we are mistaking form for quality. It’s exactly the same thing we did with Elneny and now we realise how much of a mistake it was extending him. Yeah Xhaka is playing well, but he could have easily conceded two goals from losing the ball under pressure. Fair play to him though. He keeps evolving with the team and makes it hard to drop him, but I know this guy.
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