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Edu's Release Clause Targets: January 2022

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Which CF would you sign?

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Yeah, he is the best husband ever and very masculine when he helps his wife but why the **** are you talking about that in this thread?
It was brought up as a negative to signing him by a couple of posters? I don't want to sign him as he's not very good.


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Living in the US should be nice, specially in deadline days. You wake up in the morning, and many things already have happened


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Stans beloved Rams are playing right now.
If they make it to the superbowl, a madness might indeed be coming.

They've only gone ahead and done it.

That **** was standing on stage lifting some bloody trophy in the air and fist pumping. He's in a good mood that's for sure.


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We have messed up with the top-4 challenge, a poor January month on the pitch, and backed by a poor transfer window. Arteta would have to perform a miracle now in the remaining 17 games.

Not sure you can blame him too much for the transfer window, there are some things at the club he doesn't do
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