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Edu’s Relentless Transfer Targets: January 2023

Yousif Arsenal

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Yeah i mean even with Elneny fully fit we needed a midfielder because of poor depth there now he is seriously injured and likely the oxford game was his last game in arsenal shirt we need urgent buy.


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The fact we are refusing Sambi, a player Arteta clearly doesn't rate, a loan, shows how decked we are in MF. If Mo is out, we need x2 MF.

Just loan Mckennie & get Onana in.

Yousif Arsenal

On Vinai's payroll & misses 4th place trophy 🏆
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Bamba we been linked consistently by portugese media last few months. don't think he can make the difference he still 20 years old we need some experience to step up in case we in need.


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ESR will just have to step up & hopefully he can be given some games at 8 when the fixtures start piling up.

Sambi is just a major weak link & we can't rely on him. Need to loan someone in.

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I regularly watch Milan and I'd throw 200m on him.

No offence but your post is what's wrong with football fans these days, football is still a sport not just hard work. Are you tuning in to watch players get nutmegged and golazos be scored or for great organisational structure, hard pressing and Restverteidigung?

Leao is definitely a maverick, can be a bit unreliable or rather picks his moments. But he does stuff with the ball literally no one at Arsenal or in the PL can do. He's the same age as Sambi and Nketiah and dragged Milan to their first title in a decade last season as a 21 year old.

Not even just about getting to watch flair and fun players, who actually believes watching Martinelli diligently dribble it out of play for the entirety of the 90 minutes is more likely leading to success than a player who can be inconsistent (which is wildly overstated anyway)?

Well said!!

Our front line at the moment is quite lethal. If we add Leao to it, opposition teams will have little to no chance of shutting us out!

Leao, a Partey back-up & one to back him up should see us in good stead to make an impression in the Champions League next season.

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