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Edu’s Relentless Transfer Targets: January 2023

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Edu is an absolute clown
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World record bid from us get in

I’m not tryna denigrate the women’s game here but it’s a bit sneaky the way Orny writes world record bid without actually naming the bid, like a journalist would do for men’s football. Apparently the world record in women’s football is £400,000.

I don’t think it helps the women’s game to make it sound like something it isn’t, just describe things how they are and be respectful.


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We have some real transfer Muppets on this forum.

Edu has bought wisely so far.
He gets as much credit to the players in our team as Arteta.
Zinchenko and Jesus are here because of Arteta. Saliba was Raul's signing as was Gabriel. Edu wanted that Spud Gimp Ederson instead of Tomi. Edu signed Cedric, Mari and Willian. Ødegaard came back because of Arteta. That leaves Edu with maybe Martinelli, Ramsdale, White and Vieira. He's barely at break even.

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Even in the women's game we are overpaying....and still getting rejected lol.

Is everyone else in the world in on a secret pact we aren't aware of? Why has suddenly every club decided to make a stand when we ask for their players

They know we're pushovers & the moment they say "Shoo!" we run off like aimless cats.

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Legally Blonde? @Mitch approves of this signing…

If she brings some Cruel Intentions towards the opposition even I’ll be up for it. Idk if she can Walk The Line when it comes to offsides though…

Forget Moises Caicedo, we should just sign this post. Once it's planted in midfield, no one's getting through Reece Witherspoon's filmography :lol:


🎵 Edu getting rickrolled 🎵
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Forget Moises Caicedo, we should just sign this post. Once it's planted in midfield, no one's getting through Reece Witherspoon's filmography :lol:

Look at you, married man publicly wanting to plant things in Reece Witherspoon’s midfield. You should be ashamed of yourself. Or will these just be one of the “Big Little Lies” you tell your wife?


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Dont forget I.Bamba has 30m euros (~£26m)release clause. We have to get him instead of Jorginho (£20m + 150k per week and 31 years old)
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