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Edu’s Relentless Transfer Targets: January 2023

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I actually do think we have top 4 sewn up. In the last 4 seasons 71 points, 67, 66 and 71 points have achieved a 4th place finish respectively. We have 37 points, so to get 71 points we need 34 points from 24 games. We could get 8 wins out of 24, while losing 16 games and still get top 4 on that basis (ie 71 points), which would still be a massive collapse.

IMO if we're signing players it's either for A) Long term strategic targets or B) Players that can push us onto the title while being as good as our starters. If we can do that in January that would be great. Otherwise I don't think we should acquire dead wood that may not be better than what we have. But if we can improve our forward portfolio, the like Vlahovic, Joao Felix, Osimhen. Maybe Thuram is a good signing with 6 months left on his contract.

I think it should be noted that someone pointed out that Liverpool won a title with Origi being their starting CF for a large section of their season.
We are 11 points ahead of 5th with 72 points left to play for. To think anything is sewn up is beyond silly. Specially after what happened last season to us.

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...time for, "Last Dance part 2"

This would be less "Last Dance 2" & very reminiscent of "Cucoon, The Return" :lol:

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I’ve watched Morata for a while now across different leagues to know what type of player he is. Morata has that Werner gene and isn’t cut for the PL.

If he didn’t score those 3 goals at the WC, I can guarantee that nobody would be rating him 🤣

I was trying to find out why I bother with life after what happened to me, and even if I wanted to life why I should bother coming back here? But of course, you're the reason. Elite posting!

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So why is he so strongly linked to Utd, apart from the Dutch connection? They need a CF not an AM or wide forward
Don't know, but I think it's a bad idea to sign him as a CF. Has never played there and his playing style is cut inside and shoot. I don't see him create his own chances with intricate dribbles or hold up the ball with his back to the goal.

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...they are cooking something for the next window, can feel it!

I've been behimd Tets every step of the way this season (hard for most to believe, I'm sure).

But representing Arsenal Football Club whilst being in the same picture as an oval shaped object from a sport that has no ties to the name it espouses is as sackable an offense as any!!

Although I will be mollified again once we bring in additional players to bolster our top 4 chances :lol:


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Very good source… very average player.


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Based on what we saw in World Cup so far, is Breel Embolo of Switzerland a good alternative?
I admit to not seeing him how he plays for his club, but he has been quite effective for the Swiss.
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