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Edu’s Transfer Targets: Summer 2023

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Got 7 accusations last 3 years. Not my fault 🤦‍♂️
Yeahhh I just saw,

Edu snatching a highly rated wonder kid off a European heavy weight? Allow me if I don’t bet my life savings on this one.
Not just highly rated. The highest rated youngster of the academy that has produced more top players than anyone in Europe. Looking across Europe it’s crazy how many players has come out of psg academy

There is zero chance any club would get him imo. The Qataris would not allow it

Rex Bezos

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Mate, it’s crazy.

They’re being smart and buying the Modric-Kroos replacements before they actually need them though.

Let’s them learn off the experienced guys, get acclimatised to the club and all that jazz.

This is what I’m saying about Zaire


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16 is is perfect age
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