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Edu’s Transfer Targets: Summer 2023

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There few options we can try tomorrow Chalobah is available but i read chelsea want only to sell not loan. Cancelo seem also back to the market but Man city will want to keep rather sending him on loan to us.

other options Eric Garcia poverty Bella Kotchap is available on loan he meh and only can play CB.


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yes because tomi and partey are gone for a month at least we'll be even more short. still not ruling anything out but there are zero links.
Had no idea there was an Asian Cup this year, but yeah not great. Tomi would probably play through injuries again for his country.


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I think we’ll do something. Most likely scenario is Eric Garcia.

If there’s an off chance of Cancelo then I’d absolutely go for that as well.


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This is 23 players, plus Timber plus youth.

From defence Zinchenko, Tomiyasu and Partey are injury-prone.

From attack ESR and Nelson are injury-prone.

Rice can cover CB, but then the DMF is not good enough for tough opponents if Partey is in defence.

Would really need one more defender with all those injury-prone players there. Unless Arteta really trusts Walters. The attack and midfield is fine for now.

GK: Ramsdale, Raya, Hein

LB: Zinchenko, Tomiyasu

RB: White, Partey

CB: Gabriel, Saliba, Kiwior

DMF: Rice, Jorginho, Elneny

LCM: Havertz, ESR

RCM: Ødegaard, Vieira

LW: Martinelli, Trossard

RW: Saka, Nelson

ST: Jesus, Nketiah

+ Timber

Youth: Walters, Sousa, Cozier-Duberry
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