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Edu’s Transfer Targets: Summer 2023

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I truly think Rice can get to another level with us and the coaching staff here.

I also think Arteta appreciates Xhaka's ability in defense as well, he still always seems to be there making blocks and clearing with headers. Rice would be the same.


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A player who is interesting is Nico Gonzalez at Barca, currently on loan at Valencia. Dm/CM. I wouldn't be surprised if we have an eye on him. Jorge Mendes client.


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I did tell everyone, 75-85M is probably right. He's easily worth that.

I’m getting more excited about it. Slowly.

Think the tactical flexibility he brings in game will open up all sorts of possibilities for Arteta to start experimenting. Can’t be using the same playbook forever, regardless of how amazing it’s been.


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Its us or Chelsea again, i actually think the deal is already in place. The leak last week was abit unusual imo.


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I don’t see us signing Rice in summer. There will be competition and it will be up to him really wanting to come here to make up for Chelsea or whoever offering more money. I don’t think that happens.

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