Edu's Transfer Targets: Summer Holidays 2021

Which position would be your #1 priority to strengthen?

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Honestly think it would be the biggest transformation in AM history if I ever get trusted hahaha.

I'm on here enough tbf and cleaned up my act. Maybe one day;)

Let's not beat around the bush, you'll never make trusted, as long as I am here anyway.

You be you but don't get your hopes up.

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A-M is going to become a ghost town in a few weeks when people realize the supposed £250M figure is actually £25M + place the meagre funds recouped from getting Kolasinac & Xhaka off the books.

Much more realistic for a club in complete disarray.

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Okay lettuce head.

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Has Arteta made any public appearance since the Brighton game? I have no memory of any interview since the league ended.


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We haven’t even signed Mat Ryan yet even though it’s a no-brainer.
Celtic are in for him also. He knows long term he likely will be understudy af Arsenal, or in fierce competition for #1, so he has a decision to make himself, despite being a boyhood Arsenal fan. The GK search, for two of them, is concerning me the most at the moment though.

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As long as delving around in Peru for youngsters is a side quest for Edu, I'm fine with it.

Shouldn't really be a major focus for him given where the squads at currently though. We've bigger fish to fry at the moment. Would be nice to have another wonderkid or two though.
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