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Edu's Transfer Targets: Summer Holidays 2021

Which position would be your #1 priority to strengthen?

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Lidl Tir Na Nog
Rex doxxed hairspray and Elneny is getting renewed.

SA Gunner

Hates Tierney And Wants Him Sold Immediately

Player: Nketiah
Auoar and Sabitzer would have been two cheap yet effective options. The former still very possible, the latter... probably gone now that Bayern has come calling.

Auoar and Guimaraes would be a stretch for Lyon I'd say, but I think worth trying for.


Why so serieuse?
Seems to me that the club wanted White at any cost. An AM will be bought in but its dependent on the incoming sales that we can generate. I'm guessing we are targeting Maddison, Ødegaard and failing both we'll get in Aouar.
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