Edu's Transfer Targets: Summer Holidays 2021

Which position would be your #1 priority to strengthen?

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Papa Wonga

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Imagine being barcelona and seeing clubs like Chelsea and City spending £100m on 1 player while you're declaring bankruptcy.


Couldn't of happened to a bunch of scummier ****s.


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Hmmmm seems like we cant sign anyone and its the players that are being blamed AND other clubs for not buying them. So there you have it, it is not the club's or Arteta or Edu's fault that they're not bringing in players for problem areas on the pitch it is in fact the players contracted with the club. F*ck me that takes some balls to try and shift the blame like that.

Summer is almost ending, that means it's time for Arteta's PR machine to start working over time.


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We are like the underpants gnomes from South Park...

Step 1. Target every player in the world.
Step 2. ?
Step 3. Win the Champions League.

..we are so close to greatest, yet so far!


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Gotta pray we don't end up in Europa Conference league places. Need to push to EL as a "failure" option and CL as the goal.

Are those numbers hand written! Wow.

Yeah apparently the shirt quality of Rubin's shirts were so **** the numbers (and seemingly names too) fell off the print and they needed to write the numbers to continue the game.:lol:
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