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EFL Championship Play-Off Final

Yousif Arsenal

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seem tow of last relegation teams coming back i did expect that to be honest Leeds Southampton and Leicester kept most of their players and they too good for championship.

but one of Leeds or Southampton if they fail to get promoted i think they gonna stay in championship for long time can see most of their players will ask to leave.


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You want us to drop another 4 pts to that lot next season? They have some voodoo over us 😭

At least with Leeds, you know we'll batter them.
Up to us to raise our game. Tony Dorigo, Mark Viduka, Harry Kewell, David Batty, Vinnie Jones etc etc You don't hope Leeds ever win a football game. Unsavoury lot.

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FFS!! These insufferable game-raising c*nts are coming back, aren't they?

Should they triumph, I want us to vaporize both them & Fulham next season.


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I'm watching it live in Australia, whilst I've got a mate who actually supports Leeds I think I'd prefer Southampton to come back up.


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Hopefully Leeds win in the end, can't stand these Southampton tw*ts they always raised their game against us as far back as the Wenger era.


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Can’t see either of these staying up next season.

I think the gap between the promoted sides and the other PL teams is too big these days in terms of quality.


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Hopefully Leeds win in the end, can't stand these Southampton tw*ts they always raised their game against us as far back as the Wenger era.
Leeds were huge game raisers in the Wenger era too

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