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Loss EFL Cup 4th Round: West Ham United 3 - 1 Arsenal | Wednesday 1st November | KO: 19:30 GMT | Sky Sports

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West Ham 0-1 Arsenal

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Its also major issue we have no G.Jesus replacement.

We not playing Luton on Sheffield so eddie can perform for guy who scored hattrick he was so awful today


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My Wenger dna means I’ve never warmed to the competition. Arteta needs a good run in the fa cup/CL though.
He’s not even making it to QF or anything atm.

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I think we are two midfielders and top tier starting striker away from competing on all fronts.

Yeah tonight we saw the importance of clinical finishing and the ability to hold and progress the ball through tight, physical spaces.

A ball carrying midfielder, a TP5 replacement, a potent striker and Timber's return to full fitness will take the team up another level for sure.


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Regarding the booing by some of the fans, Rice is ostensibly our Fabregas in many ways. Decent chunk of this place turned on Cesc hard even before he joined Chelsea, and he objectively contributed a lot more to Arsenal than Rice did to us.

Obviously I love Dec but I can't fault the fans that feel different from me about it, especially after the somewhat condescending interviews etc. The majority of the people that boo him now are die hard Hammers with an extreme club over everything mentality, so a player leaving to a local "rival" + giving interviews indirectly belittling our football (even if it's true :lol: ) is bound to piss them off.

West Ham and Arsenal are only rivals in their heads, Chelsea and Arsenal is totally different.
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