Loss EFL Cup Semi-Final 2nd Leg: Arsenal (0) 0 - 2 Liverpool (0) | Thursday 20th January | KO: 19:45 GMT | Sky Sports

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A must win game. We have no complaints now. The NLD postponment has given us the much needed reprieve. We can now concentrate our efforts into ensuring we beat a knackered Liverpool who also have a must win game with Brantford tomorrow.

Let's ****ing smash cúnts so I can bask in another fighting cock meltdown.


Think we're pretty much going full strength here with no PL distraction.



Arsenal 2-0 Liverpool

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You have a problem man.

Arsenal have to think of Arsenal. The integrity of this league was compromised by the people making the rules. COVID isn't taken in isolation for postponing games. And Arsenal have broken no rules.

Yes, we have injuries as well and players at the Afcon, but the PL considers this, and thought we had a valid case. Arsenal have broken no rules.

And to expect a club to not loan out players and have a long term vision, isn't right. So we loan no one out until the pandemic ends? We have enough players, usually, to play games but we have the normal issues with injuries that plague a season. If that one Covid case means we no longer have enough according to the rules, then why blame Arsenal?

You're just as bad as the Spuds. You want Arsenal to play the kids, despite the rules just so they can get spanked by Sp**s and you can use that as part of your agenda against Arteta and Edu. Nothing else.

Arsenal have followed the rules. To the letter. First game we've requested to be postponed. Whether or not I agree with the rules, isn't the point. The point is Arsenal haven't broken them, in their current incarnation. And that's that.

He'd be the first in the Arteta thread complaining about the club not bringing any one in and have a go at people saying "the squad was thread bare".

It's his schtick, he's a crybaby and gives the Arteta Outers a bad name, he's kinda like a bizzaro @Riou and the inners.


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Completely unfair, Klopp had to go to all the trouble of setting up an elaborate plot with fake tests, closing of training facilities and Arsenal just needed to read the actual rules.
Elaborate plot? He just had the 1 positive guy take the test for everyone, its not rocket science. 🤣


Got 7 accusations last 3 years. Not my fault 🤦‍♂️
Tbh we lost Mari and Lola is gone any day. We don’t have players


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Thought we were suppose to have most of our injuries back?

I’d rather a weakened Arsenal play this Liverpool than be at full strength and have to face Salah/Mane.


Back to A-M 😞
I just feel like it will be deeply depressing and hugely disappointing should we go out of the cup now on Thursday.

We've got a 0-0 away, they look pretty toothless without The Diver and The Elbower and we have home incentive.

We're talking a game raising performance where we can nick a goal or so.

The pessimist in me can't visualise us beating the bin dippers on Thursday 😔
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