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The defensive right back thing does put me off a little because the system seems heavily reliant on a good attacking right back.


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Think we will be looking for a RB who is stronger defensively. It's what Pepe needs to flourish as RW and it's all about that.
Without Europa next year it is time to have a set starting 11 that fits each other perfectly in the system to bring best of all.

Just look at Inter this year.


Top 10 is the new Top 4
Looks like Emerson is a serious target for the right back slot. Probably the most cost effective from what I've seen. £22M makes a lot of sense.


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What is it we spent on Tierney, 24m, right, wouldnt' be surprised if we spent around that on a RB, whether it's this guy or Aarons. Not a chance we're spending 40m or whatever on Hakimi.


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Not materially better than Bellerin going forward but better as an individual defender, remains to be seen whether that translates to Emerson defending well as part of a defensive unit. Strong pass for me.


Top 10 is the new Top 4
It would just not make any sense in my eyes if he truly isn't great going forward. But then I guess Walker isn't amazing going forward and he's done pretty well. As long as he has the physical attributes and is decent defensively and going forward I'm willing to give him a go.


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Top 10 is the new Top 4
I think there's probably better options out there for the price. Nothing in the premier league tickles my fancy but Ligue 1 has a fair few right backs looking decent.


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Everyone except Hakimi seems so underwhelming.

Might be due to the fact that I'm not a small kid anymore that can watch every game in every league, but have a hard time imagining Edu spotting the gem without scouts.


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Linked with him previously. Haven't particularly seen him in action, assuming he's a very attacking right back. I believe Barca and Betis both own 50% of him (a leg each) but Barca can make that 100% this summer by spending £6M. He's only 22. Doubt he has a defensive bone in his body.
He’s actually a really good defender. I want him over Aaron’s because of this. He’s been good for a while. Good aggression a better defender than attacker but no slouch at either


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He's decent. Strong, physical, good 1v1 defender. Not fantastic going forward but a good defender.

Not my 1st choice personally. I'd be more looking towards Baku if we're gonna go the foreign route. Much more rounded.
I’m surprised Baku isn’t in the move

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