Emi Martinez: Purple Patch Evaluation Thread

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LOL at this and his transfer thread. Its like Arteta selecting him yesterday has given permission for everyone to finally just admit this guy is ****ing class.

£10m :lol:


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I don’t care if it’s possibly slightly premature, keeping him would be one of the biggest boosts. We need to keep the momentum going with regards to keeping players that may have left. Saka, Auba (god willing, 99% sure), Emi and AMN.


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I see what you're tryna do but Cech isn't the worst guy to be inspired by, he was just a bit washed up when he came here.

People always say goalkeepers can play until later than most but Cech was like an 80 year old in goal.
I wasn't trying to do anything tbh, just posting that interview so the Emi Hive wouldn't miss it.

P.S. didn't have you down as an atomic kitten fan
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