Emile Smith Rowe: 2019/20 Performances

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Is it just the picture or are his legs really that beastly?

Here it is next to Iwobi

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This player fills my heart with hope but I felt the same about Henri Lansbury for a while! I hope ESR kicks on to become all that we hope.


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Superb. Surely he'll become a boss CM of some sort.
Emery is keen on emphasizing the multifaceted elements of his midfielders i.e. Ceballos being an 8 and a 10. ESR definitely fits this mold strongly, as he's capable of playing both roles to a high standard, and may even provide good balance playing as the left sided forward. I think he'd be excellent in a midfield 3 personally.

Would like to see him start in the EL after the international break.
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