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Emile Smith Rowe: Arsenal Career on Death Rowe?


Vrei sa pleci dar una una iei

I honestly have no idea where to put my expectations for him next season, but I do remember that he looked v talented in periods. Hopefully a bit of a joker for next season!


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Saying this out loud is even funnier. Ameal moving like bbw out here is very sad to see he should have some pride.

My instincts were right about this boy.
I spat out my water. Giving football fans access to the internet was the worst thing humanity conjured. 10/10 slander name tbh.


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Getting this on his back apparently



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This guy have lost it
Sell the bugger. I keep telling you this Spanish Pied piper is Southgating a golden generation of Arsenal young players. By the way ladies stop with the tattoos has destroyed more beautiful women than old age. Look at your own princes did they marry two girls that look like a piece of grafitti walking? If you wish to attract the local head of the Hell’s Angels, or your local meth cooker, or a death metal guitarist by all means ink up.


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Emile is quickly turning into this guy.

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It is this skinny jean wearing streaming star and PR merchant who is instilling this weak, cultish, unmanly behavior. As a man with big legs and a real ass i look down on any man who can buy pants worn by teenage girls


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I fear for whoever is next and the way they will have to show commitment to the process.

Release him ASAP
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