Emile Smith Rowe: England's Luis Figo


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Phew what a relief, he's been one of our brightest players in this **** show so far.

Don't know much about most of that England U21 side apart from Brewster and Aarons. Any other players to watch out for?
James Garner from Manchester United looks really good, as does Noni Madueke (who came thru Sp**s academy) of PSV.


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So because certain Arsenal fans have an unfair agenda against Nico, you want to start an unfair agenda against Emile :lol:

I don’t blame him tbf I think ESR is overrated by our fans. No way is he a 40m player and the type of player we should be building our team around.

Saying it with my chest that we should have sold him when we had the chance to.

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