Emile Smith Rowe: England's Luis Figo


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we went a man down right after he came on, tough to judge on that...had some decent runs which provided us some breathing space at least which LacazEddie didn't do at all


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...daring another man to take his shirt off.


Very Riou-esque behaviour from Emile here, ngl...


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Where do you folks think his best position is now and where he should play in the future?

He’s kind of hard to categorize.


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Brilliant today, outstanding run and finish for the goal. I must say the way Arteta has handled having both ESR and Martinelli in form has been really good. Both really fighting for their position in the team.


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I feel like ESR’s goals montage when he hangs up the boots is gonna be one for the ages. There’s a very good chance he’ll be winning a few goal of the month awards.

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