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Emile Smith Rowe: England's Luis Figo


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Welp, fear for his Arsenal career now

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FWIW We made the right call re Villa. We can probably still get some good money for him if he still has some niggles here and there.

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Also its unfair to give up on him im one of people who always frustrated with his fitness but he has great ability it was clear he wasn't looking great in late stage of last season i just don't get why we delay things. He should have took this surgery in summer.

The depth is worrying on wings position but we didn't need ESR because Martinelli and Saka been great but now we'll have to overplay Saka and Martinelli until November. Just hope Nelson and Marquinhos play in EL.


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Really gutted for ESR, but must admit I don't really know how much longer I can bring myself to care whether he is fit or not. Just don't see the point of persisting with injury plagued players. I know there are cases where a player can shake off persistent injuries, so that's what I hope for ESR, but losing faith.


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The only worry is squad depth and the lack of a wide player now. As for worrying about his career, well it’s just typical overreactions. It’s like people are scratching about for things to be concerned about.


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Actually should have sold him to Villa, @2Smokeyy I kind of agreed with you at the time but wanted to at least give him a chance to succeed here.

Chances of him being worth 40M get slimmer with each day.

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Apparently he's getting the knife now because he wanted to be done with it for good and after trying different things with the club, him and Arteta talked it over and decided to try and "draw a line under it" (Mikel's words) so that he can fully recover.

I don't know if this is the niggling trouble that has plaged him ever since he went on loan, but I hope it is, so that at least with the surgery we can hope it's fixed for good.

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