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Emile Smith Rowe: Hungry To Get Back


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I like him but I still think we can do better.
The thing is he plays every game at 1000% and that can cover up his lack of impact due to individual hability.
Good player. Nothing out of the ordinary.
Weird thing to say after a hale end boy was directly involved in all 3 goals in the NLD but ok guess the agenda has to keep going.


Soft With The Ladies, Hard With The Mes
What I like most about him is how natural it all looks. The guy is pure ability, doesn’t need to think about it just does it. How he accelerates with the ball in transition looks so effortless its a joy to watch.

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Such elegant player there so much similarity to Grealish the way he dribble pass and run. I still think he not there yet to play 90 minutes every time i watch he look done when it's 75 minutes it'll be scary when he get 100% fit


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Dont know how good he is at shooting from outside the box but hes definitely a threat anywhere in it. His quick feet will definitely help him there. He was close to helping Saka create a goal of the season at one point but it didnt come off but they still held on to the ball in the box. Some more of those late or timed runs and he'll be banging them in, guaranteed Saka will be looking for that same run every time he has the ball in the final third outside the box.

That goal today brought back memories of the golden period of Özil Ramsey combining as well.

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His was a lovely performance. I liked his work rate in defence abd he was silky on attack. Everything looks natural and effortless especially when he combines with Saka. We need to be careful with him with his previous injuries and if Wilshere is training with the squad, his presence will benefit ESR more than anyone. I hope he stays fit and continues to develop well.

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