Emile Smith-Rowe (Out)

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Saka and Martinelli are miles ahead in terms of pure talent.

He's the best from the bunch that haven't broken in but constant niggling injuries are really hampering his development.

martinelli yes, but I think potential wise ESR has more than Saka

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I really rate ESR. Other than Saka I think he's the most likely youth team product to make it as a regular here.

I'm not too bothered about his injury record. From what I understand a lot of them have been caused by growth spurts.

Hopefully we can get him out on loan to a top Championship either now or in January.


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Look like they preparing for Grealish move. But ESR is signing new contract they should look somewhere else


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Only reason I could see ESR leaving is if we're planning on making big signings in attacking midfield and on the wing, which we aren't. He wont leave, he'll sign a new deal.
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