Emiliano Martínez (Out)

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Doesn't surprise me he does this on the day we announce Auba contract, always has to be centre of attention the selfish bastard.

Emi, to the club after being asked to let someone else have the spotlight for a bit...

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Probably didn't need to release a feature length documentary film to announce it. We already know he loves the club and why he's leaving.

Wish him well at Villa, hope he has a great career. You know he'll turn into prime Buffon for the 2 games a season against us though :lol:

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Disappointed by this but I understand both he and Arteta’s position. I wish he’d given it one more season but guess he wanted to leave on a high. I think he’s worth more than we sold him for - superb signing for Villa.


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I love Emi, but I can't believe he released this today ffs...what was he thinking, was he trying to upstage Auba somehow!

This is like Pennant stumbling in and saying he's leaving, during Henry's contract extension announcement in 2006...no one really cares about you right now Emi son :rofl:
Yeah, because today is the day of doing nothing but pray to the god Auba right? Auba is not the owner of the club or the lives of any player. He is not even more in the team, he can do it whenever he wants to.
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