Emiliano Martínez (Out)

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People here acting like it wasn't coordinated to be announced the same day as Auba.

Wish him the best. Waited in the wings forever and took his shot when afforded the chance. Can't blame him for wanting to be a #1.


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Not ideal, but expected. It wouldn't be the best allocation of our resources to sit on two solid keepers when we have other areas of the squad that need to be addressed given our current financial situation.

I have faith in Leno to be our starting keeper for the foreseeable future, but regret we couldn't see him and Emi compete for the #1 spot.

Well... it is what is, which is 20m we didn't expect to receive otherwise. Do hope Emi becomes Argentina #1, which he should if he maintains his form.
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Good luck to him.
At least he has 2 medals of which he will remind Aston Villa players that they are not mates,as he has achieved something they may never achieve in their lifetime.

Truth be told, Emi is too good to stay on the bench and so is Leno. I think he is more suited To Arteta's style than Leno but then again, we have great guy in Leno.


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Love you Emi! Great way to leave, deserves to be #1 somewhere, unlucky for him that for the first time in 15 years we actually already have a dependable #1 goalkeeper! Helped us win another FA cup + shield and with his transferfee we hopefully strengthen the midfield. Thanks!


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Disappointed, but ultimately, if he wasn't going to sign a new contract without assurances that the club couldn't give him, its a conclusion that makes sense for all parties. Good luck to him. He exceeded expectations and was brilliant at a time when him being brilliant was very significant for the club. It seems there's no ill feeling on either party either.
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