Emmanuel Eboue

Discussion in 'Players' started by hesham, Apr 25, 2006.

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  1. hesham

    hesham New Member

  2. Aussie

    Aussie New Member Elite

    A nice read indeed.

    Quality player and a good head on him as well. How much better is our right side these days! Well some of the time.
  3. Tegh

    Tegh New Member

    Great article, and he seems to have a great attitude.
    He's come on leaps and bounds in all areas of his game since we first saw him, but his defensive ability has sky-rocketed. Fair play.
  4. good family too.


  5. stiiphunn

    stiiphunn Well-Known Member Trusted

    Great read! Thanks
  6. koivu

    koivu New Member Trusted

    Excellent read. Love to see this guy play.
  7. Ricky_AFC

    Ricky_AFC New Member

    Great read. Fearless Eboue has made life very difficult for Lauren now.
  8. Army of Me

    Army of Me New Member Elite

    Difficult for Lauren? He's made it dang near impossible for Lauren to get back in the team.

    I'd be questioning Wenger's sanity if Lauren ever became first choice again.
  9. gunnerGH

    gunnerGH New Member

    I doubt lauren will ever be first choice again either.

    Good read. Great guy. I have alot of praise for him. Wont be too long before his first goal I dont think
  10. i wouldn't be surprised if Lauren leaves this summer. We have 2 excellent RBs - Eboue and Gilbert.
  11. Army of Me

    Army of Me New Member Elite

    he scored a screamer in the carling cup :)
  12. johnk9uk

    johnk9uk New Member

    Sunderland away, straight into the top corner?
  13. qs

    qs New Member Elite

    I think we need Lauren for at least another year. I dont think it'd be a bad idea to start trying him in the midfield though. Could be an idea for the preseason. He's definitly strong, quick and positionally aware. His passing would be good enough. Im not saying he'd be our first choice there but I think its something we could try to provide another option.
  14. Mark

    Mark New Member Elite

    I like Lauren and wouldn't want him to leave, but it's going to be very difficult for him to force Eboue out of the team. Eboue is much stronger, pacier and direct, and he's less clumsy and error-prone than Lauren. Thing I like about Lauren though is his passion. He's a loyal gooner and I hope there is some sort of role for him at the club if not at RB, maybe somewhere in midfield. Problem is, he used to be a midfielder and Wenger converted him into a solid RB, dunno whether moving him back again would work.
  15. Darius

    Darius New Member

    Lauren has his own value. His sliding tackle is far better than Eboue atm, and his passion is what we need agaisnt bas**d like yids and manure. what's more, Eboue is far from consistent, don't forget it's his real first season with us. can anyone recall what Toure did last season?
  16. RocktheCasbah

    RocktheCasbah New Member Elite


    Post of the day- Keep Lauren in the team, his sliding tackle is better than Eboue's!

    Brilliant, a slice of fried gold..
  17. yayo77

    yayo77 New Member

    toure played well.thanks
  18. Jimbo14

    Jimbo14 New Member

    i Think it will be interesting to see what Lauren does, weather he stays and fights for his starting place or just leaves,
    Great article on a great player by the way
  19. hesham

    hesham New Member

    Eboue has definitly staked his claim for the RB position.. He's been great this season

    I still think he need to work alot though on his link up play espesialy in the final third, hopefully that will come with time though

    With him and Hleb on the right the future looks good.
  20. Ricky_AFC

    Ricky_AFC New Member

    A big factor against Lauren getting back in is the combination of Hleb and Eboue. IMO i think Lauren is going to have to look to midfield or be content as cover for Eboue.

    Good luck to him though. I like Ralph.
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