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Discussion in 'Football Talk' started by redanddread, Jun 23, 2017.

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    Interesting article discussing proposed changes to the beautiful game...would any or all of them improve it?

    I think this deserves it's own thread [in Football Talk] but I lost my thread starting privleges during the Great AM Lockout™

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    Kind of the vote that counts really. Things might actually move forward
  7. Mitch

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    I can't wait to see Phil Thompson's reaction to this:lol:.

    Thompson went on an epic rant a few years ago when they attempted to discuss this on Soccer saturday. A sort of "how dare you even suggest about bringing back standing sections and do so is a insult to the victims and their families" etc rubbish.
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    My local Shrewsbury Town is pushing heavily for safe standing as well. It'd be great to get some atmosphere into British football.
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    With all the money in the game nowadays, I just came across this. Good on ya Juan!

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    Stadium of Light sure looks empty. Dire football being served up too. Sunderland looking well and truly like a championship side.

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    So as things stand what do we reckon guys. Who will win the title.

    I'm finding it very difficult to call this season really. something about UTD tells me they're still short and won't challenge, I think pep will struggling again regardless how much his spent zero cohesion in that squad. Chelsea signing Morata and losing Costa is music to my ears downgrade in my opinion.

    Don't know just really hard to call

    Spurs won't finish top 4 so no worries there and Liverpool still lack squad in depth and could lose their main man to Barcelona.
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    Well as AM's resident pessimist, it certainly isn't going to be us. I think United will be very dangerous this season, hate him or not, but Mourinho is usually very capable in his second season at clubs. I'd say it is either them or Chelsea. Pep is a fraud in a proper league with competition. Spurs lack a winning culture, and Liverpool does not have the staying power.
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    I think City is probably now the favorite, given that Chelsea have lost Matic (and soon Costa, who is arguably their second or third best player, behind Hazard and even with Kante) and Morata is unproven. Gundogan returning to fitness could be huge as well.

    United, Spurs, and Chelsea are next tier, followed shortly by Spurs and us. Liverpool is a bit of a wildcard...if they don't sell Coutinho, they could shock everyone. The addition of Salah adds even more pace to their front 4.
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    I don't know about the rest of you but I'd personally love to see Arsène lift his very first EFL Cup since 1996.

    I know it's a Mickey Mouse Cup but it would be nice to see Wenger win all the trophies in England like Ferguson and Mourinho and his predecessor George Graham.
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    Who decided the "Carabao Cup" was a good idea.
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    Wasn't sure where to put this but why have we declined?? Let Nelson and co loose when they're not on the bench.
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    Thank you. Fixed.
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    Everton and West Ham to be the surprise packages this year.

    Both excellent in the transfer window and could challenge the top 6.
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