EPL: Arsenal vs. Leicester - Sunday 14.02.2016 - 12:00

Discussion in 'Match Day Archive' started by albakos, Feb 7, 2016.

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  1. Kingslayer

    Kingslayer Forza Milan

    Prediction: 7-5
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  2. Shadow Moses

    Shadow Moses Well-Known Member

    With Giroud up top Leicester can dictate the style of play. They don't necessarily have to sit back because we can't hit them on a break.
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  3. Alonso_Newman

    Alonso_Newman New Member

    THIS! this is what I've been trying to say. It'll just be constant pressure from them because they know we cant break.
  4. blaze_of_glory

    blaze_of_glory Moderator Moderator

    Need some leicester trolls in here this week to ensure our victory.
  5. nmn

    nmn Well-Known Member

    Hopefully Coquelin will be 100% to start this one. Rest of the lineup is pretty obvious. Chamberlain will definitely start after his goal. Wenger won't want to mess with his confidence again by dropping him. Only question is does he opt with Giroud or Walcott.
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  6. SuperGoon

    SuperGoon Debbie Downer

    Well, guess I can't watch this either.
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  7. Penn_

    Penn_ Established Member

    How are we superior?
  8. SA Gunner

    SA Gunner Hates Tierney And Wants Him Sold Immediately Trusted

    Man for man.
  9. say yes

    say yes Thread Title Abuser

    @Truebl956 How do you think the game will go?
  10. Rimaal

    Rimaal Questionable Taste

  11. aevi

    aevi Hale End FC Moderator

    Hoping to see:

    Bellerin Koscielny Gabriel Nacho
    Coq Ramsey
    Chambo Özil Alexis
    Strong counterattacking side, which is important in countering their trademark counters. Need to mark Vardy, as funnily enough he is a Giroud/Theo hybrid that holds up play by bouncing a pass, but also runs in behind often. No building up, lets beat them at their own game once again!

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  12. arsmile

    arsmile Well-Known Member


    we seem to be sticking with Gabriel if we're facing movement upfront- I guess we are here.

    Arsène might play flamini with coq if he is scared...

    if theo doesn't start this match then he might as well never start again
  13. SA Gunner

    SA Gunner Hates Tierney And Wants Him Sold Immediately Trusted

    Leicester faithful are convinced that the title is theirs, despite the result here.

    Thats the confidence level right now, it seems they are not aware of the drama of a run in.
  14. Kingslayer

    Kingslayer Forza Milan

    Do yourself a favour and go on holiday for the rest of the season. It's on the club. There's a good lad.
  15. tap-in

    tap-in Nothing Wrong With Me

    We have to start with Giroud up front simply because we lack height in the box if he doesnt play. Yes it reduces our potency on the break but we do still have Özil, Alexis, Ox, Ramsey, Bellerin who can all break. No way will Wenger trust Walcott at CF in a game like this, and neither would I.

    I think Wenger will play the same team as today, hopefully he plays Coq but you just dont know with Wenger. Despite nearly putting us down to 10 men early in a game, Flamini is a Wenger favourite.
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  16. Mitch

    Mitch Bellerin Upgrade Advocate

    Style wise they are a good match up for us, I haven't been this confident for a win in a while.

    Alexis steps up against the top teams, expect a bug performance from him.
  17. yousif_arsenal

    yousif_arsenal King of Twitter Rumours Moderator

    If we want to show we are challenging for title we have to win this game. start Coq and no Flamini please. we beat them 5-2 at their stadium earlier this season i know they are not the same team at the moment but we are more than able to beat them.

    Bellerin Gabriel Kosh Monreal
    Coq Ramsey
    Ox Özil Alexis
  18. yousif_arsenal

    yousif_arsenal King of Twitter Rumours Moderator

    Mahrez Okazaki Vardy gonna be pain in the arse if we not put tight marking on them.
  19. Dave

    Dave Member

    No offence SA Gunner, but you seem to be an eternal optimist...

    Before they played Pool you were seriously discussing whether they might lose their next 3 games! They've lost 2 all season, and there was no way that would happen. They are playing all of their games to win. No reason they can't beat Arsenal too. Leicester don't have anything to worry about. They can just keep on dreaming and playing as they are. For the past 11 seasons, the team that has topped the table at the start of February has gone on to win the league. No reason to doubt themselves sitting 5 points clear.
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  20. aevi

    aevi Hale End FC Moderator

    Payed for by all our transfer money :lol:
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