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Euro 2024 Draw: Saturday December 2, 17:00 GMT


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You would think the Final has to have at least one of England or France depending but these 2 uniquely inept managers could easily bottle that and a dark horse could win. It would be hilarious if crusty old Cristiano managed to win somehow.

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Pot 2 is absolutely horrific. What's happened to European football? I don't even know who's missing, obviously Italy and Netherlands were usually higher up but it just doesn't look right.

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It'd be nice if England and France could avoid each other till the final. Only team that can chat to them is maybe Portugal they're in top form, but both should have too much.

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Wait till one of these powerhouses joins the party:
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Kazakhstan were doing really well in their qualifiers, they're arguably favourites here. Would also love to now how two teams from Ireland's group have made it to this? Pretty embarrassing for Ireland because neither Greece or Luxembourg are any good yet we finished below both.
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Hope Turkey get a bunch of attacking teams that like to keep possession of the ball. We only do well when we're underdogs. Please avoid Scotland as well, we never do well against British teams.


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Play off A is Wales, Poland or Finland isn’t it?

Group D is looking peak.

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Group D and B is really competitive.

Still really nice balanced groups even the England one is nice Denmark and Serbia have good teams

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