European Super League Suspended

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Papa Wonga

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Friday's gonna be perfect, they'll deliberately have Tyler, Neville, and the scouse spitter on commentary to compare us to Liverpool, utd, city.


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Just wanted to come back from a year of forum solitude to share just how utterly pathetic and revolted i am with these news and my club.
For me its quite simple... You buy - you endorse. And i intend to never buy an Arsenal product again until this is dead and buried.

I want all fans, regardless of affiliation, to band together and not pay a single dime in support of anything that goes into the owner's pockets - even to the downfall of the club.
I'd even go as far as wanting protests to happen outside stadiums on matchdays, showing both the world and owners, but also "fans" intending to go watch games how utterly disgusting they are to still endorse that kind of ****.

The only way to truly take the power away from these people, is to shut off the demand.
And unfortunately i believe this can only be done through making it so socially unattractive so that people see no option but to boycott it too.

Rex Banter

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One big nice pyramid scheme. Lovely and legit stuff.

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