European Super League Suspended

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True. I just wonder if the sentiment was the same given that in some sense the big clubs were "leaving" the rest of the clubs to pursue tv money. The absence of relegation in this proposed league is obviously a game changer though.
I think the fact that the TV money is shared equally made it more palatable to everyone.


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PSG and Bayern will be given ultimatum. Either join or become nothing clubs. I also don’t think Arsenal is gonna engage with fans on this matter. They will give short updates and release fixtures. Fans are not really needed and as time goes on fans will come back. The idea fans out of principle boycott matches long term is laughable

Man.....Are those bots or real people? Seeing a number of pro Kroenke posts here. Can't be for real. 🤔


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Anyway, French history is really interesting when you look into it

Who will be the Francois Ravaillac to this Super League thing...

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