European Super League Suspended

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No you're right, its just with any job you can't always employ the correct person straight away. The people employed would always be well qualified for the job

We aren't talking about 1 or 2 years of failure. It is closer to 10 years since Kroenke bought shares. But you right, it is collective problem, but the owner is definitely the main problem at this point.


Always Crying

What steps will AM take ? 🤣

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Prime example is how Liverpool have had success lately. Of course it helps they have someone like Klopp in charge but they haven't spent in the way City or PSG have so it is possible.

I hope the system changes as well. Transfer fees and wages are a joke and clubs spend what they don’t have to stay competitive.

That has to stop but asking your owner to actually run his business competently shouldn’t be so unreasonable either.


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Think most people have asked for a competently ran club who can raise funds through sales.
You're gonna make me visit some old Kroenke's thread to find posts suggesting the opposite? Most people here wanted Kroenke to do what City did, stop ****ing lying


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More upset with people than the competition itself. Can't believe everyone is protesting now, but nobody complained when City and Chelsea destroyed the league with their crap, together with their cheating when it comes to FFP.

I'm not even touching what UEFA was doing over the years, from selling votes and failing to impose FFP to making the competition unwatchable

The **** you on about? People did complain, the only difference being (in relation to ESL) nothing was done about it.

I swear, you always find someone who is willing to piss in the wind ffs. Give yourself a break, mate :lol:


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The funny thing is we don't need Kroenke cash to build a title winning squad, the club generates enough money to do so, its just about actually signing those players. There's just a smaller margin for error because he doesn't give us money for transfers. Whereas City can fail on a 50M signing but just replace them with another 50M signing.

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These last days have been so pathetic for the owners of the super league clubs!

They actually could have stood their ground and go through with this. Legally it would be very difficult to challenge them and like we saw with FFP, rich clubs own it when it goes to court outside of UEFA and FIFA.

People would be angry until it would have started and then everyone but me and maybe a few others would start watching it and getting deep into it. It's just like it is. Here in Iceland people were actually raging when the telephone came first, what devil's tool could that be and why did the government want it in every home? Now everyone owns a telephone and smartphone and they don't even put tape on the camera when they are making self-love anymore.

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