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European Super League

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Bruce Wayne

Player: Saliba
Wasn’t that just a rebrand though?
It was the first division separating itself for tv revenue. Granted, not as big a break as this appears to be but I do wonder if social media was at the level it is now back then, whether there would have been similar controversy.

Papa Wonga

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Perez is saying some outrageous stuff, the backing he has, the funding, the other clubs in on it, it's happening 100%

Don't forget this has been his dream since 2009.



Bruce Wayne

Player: Saliba
My memory is that it wasn't that controversial, nothing like this for sure. The complaints about money ruining the sport are very old though, that is nothing new.

This is on a completely different level. Once you remove relegation, and basically close the shop...that is unprecedented in football.
True. I just wonder if the sentiment was the same given that in some sense the big clubs were "leaving" the rest of the clubs to pursue tv money. The absence of relegation in this proposed league is obviously a game changer though.

Rex Bezos

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Right of course it will. If I shook hands with Perez I’d count my fingers afterwards the snake.

Is this not just trickle down economics? Hasn't it been proven that this stuff just doesn't work in the long term.

Literally this. If anyone at home is thick enough to think that non league football will be benefitting from this I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

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