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Chelsea isn't even out yet. They *request* withdrawal (if it is true). They still got a contract to beat and before then their super league buddies will try to reverse the situation.

This super league story is long from over.
Can't have a Super League without the biggest club in London


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Imagine pinning your hopes on a club that sold their soul.

One minute they’re in and next they’re out - plastic club.

City next.


Sell All The Youngsters
Why was Barcelona in every outlet for their 900m debts, yet suddenly people tell me Chelsea has 1500m but supposedly that's just fine

Beacuse Barca's debt is short term repayable to the banks (a lot of it in 2021) while Chelsea owns most of it to Abramovich with no repayable date.

Papa Wonga

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Arsenal should've asked time....see if we beat Villarreal or not, if we go out we join ESL if we win we go to the final!

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