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I don't blame the players/staff, as this is all on the owners, but it will be hard to look at Arsenal the same way again.

As we have all said in this thread, the only thing people in power in football care about, is money...that's why one side wanted this to happen and the other side didn't, nobody overly cares about us fans.

I made some jokes about wanting this to happen, but that was only because of how ridiculous hypocrites Sky/Premier League/UEFA etc, were being over this...this would have killed football, and killed my interest in it.

It's "good" that all the clubs listened to the pressure to suspend this thought (key word is suspend, they haven't stopped wanting to do it, they will just try it a different and much more sneaky way in the future) but until everyone on our board leaves this club, that apology tweet means nothing to me tbh...none of the clubs deserve any praise, they are all massive greedy scumbags, regardless of "seeing sense in the end", uhhh.

Do I think they will leave the I think football will change for the better...I certainly hope so.

But everyone knew money was the be all and end all of football now, but having it shoved in our faces these past few days, has left a mark on the club...a mark that wil never go away imo.


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These changes have been well documented for a while tho.

They have been suggested only, probably by the 12 clubs who were all members of UEFa. Remember, rather than send 5th place WH to the Europa, as suggested in that tweet, UEFA is to increase the qualification to the CL to 36 clubs. It's why those 12 decided to breakaway.


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Not much would change, we're gonna see PSG, Real, Barca, Bayern every season anyway, it's just gonna be less money in football. It's tough for English clubs (for ones that don't spend 300m on fullbacks), others will be there by default anyway, but naive fans will think they've saved something.

American owners weren't any different from others in all of this, they've just built a bad reputation before the announcement. Fans may kick them out of football one day, only to end up with criminals from Russia, Africa, and Qatar.

The fans have saved nothing. Listening to the pundits is painful. We cannot buy back these clubs can we? We were happy for them to come in and buy our clubs and pump millions on the field to win trophies and get the glory. As fans we have an emotional value and attachment to it. We deliberately refuse to see these guys are business men. For example when RBS called back a 350M loan on Liverpool , the Americans came in and bought the club to prevent it from going under. They won the CL and PL years later. The fans were loving it, but it is a business for the Americans.

Look at the combined debt of the dissolved ESL group over the past 2 years due to the pandemic. Who is going to foot that bill ? Add to it the demand by fans to still go out every summer and buy the best players. Yet keep ticket prices down and keep merchandised product prices reasonable. This is what they are facing and this is the reality we cannot ignore. Arsenal took a loan few months ago and non of it is going into the field to buy players. How do we even think we can by players and amass a CL standard group next season to play in the CL if indeed we manage to sneak into it? Fans see glory and the emotional value attached. These guys see that too, but must manage it as a business. Else they may ladden the club with heavy debts. As a business these guys are thinking about alternative revenue generating mechanisms. This is no justification for the ESL , but a simple reality these owners go to bed every night thinking about.

UEFA , FIFA , and the domestic Leagues see this as a threat to what they control. This is not about fans. It really annoys me when they use fans , culture and history to make their argument. It is about how they must keep power from a potential break away mechanism. This is not about us , ticket prices etc.


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Criminals have been made heroes in all of this, was hoping this farce dragged along. But Arteta's daddy, Guardiola had to play the white knight. This will be forgotten about in 2 months time, and arsenal's reputation won't suffer a dint.


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I think what Perez said about football not being interesting to younger fans is pretty true. But then I also think when I was young I was able to watch the CL because it was easily accessible (and still is here in Ireland) but for kids in the UK you have to have BT to watch it, CL used to be on ITV and it used to capture the imagination of loads of young football fans because it showcased the best of the best on terrestrial TV. Even the FA Cup BBC don't show as many games as the used to. As for the PL it's not accessible at all without the ludicrous Sky subscription. Football was taken from the fans a long time ago and that shouldn't be forgotten at all.

Damn right!

Done with Sky, BT and even BBC after this, time for the football to return to where it belongs...