European Super League

Are you in favour of the European Super League?

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"When you are European Super are European Super League, 4 life!"

...Flo Perez, 2021


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So there are legal documents binding them both to the super league and to the European Club Association? Sounds like we're gonna have to lawyer up yeehaw!



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not sure they should focus on winning peoples hearts & minds they just need to kill the Champions League 🤷‍♂️

look at convincing the other Spanish & Italian big boys then focus maybe on some of the big clubs world wide


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Come to think of it, I actually wouldn't mind this. Supporting Arsenal is quite painful nowadays but I can't really stop caring because I been doing it for so long and these current competitions have value to me. Bring in the Super League and I'm guaranteed not to give a **** anymore. Would be a painless natural ticket out of this ****.

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