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European Super League

Are you in favour of the European Super League?

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Thinks Ramsdale is beautiful

Player: Ramsdale
****ing great.

We were mocked as being the runt of the litter, when we were in the ESL...now we will be mocked as being the loser who got kicked out of it!

Yousif Arsenal

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Again with this BS? Didn't English clubs signed documents that they'll be banned from English competitions if they participated?

Angelini and Don Perez need to move on its over.


Losing my brain cells 🥸

Player: Cedric
Chelsea FC with a masterclass here. There is nobody currently running the club to criticize or protest against for this. :lol:


Nobody laughs on my "jokes" 😫
This will not happen without the backing of the PL teams-and guess what there is no incentive for the English teams to join. The Premier League IS the Super League. We have the most money, the largest fanbase, the biggest reach and the best marketing strategy. This is being spearheaded by the desperate Perez and Agnelli-and you can smell it. Why would they choose to unveil this in the midst of the Ukraine-Russia war. They’re not confident in their own project and therefore I’m 99% this will be forgotten about next week.


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Player: Martinelli
Return of the SUPER LEAGUE 👀

Maybe we have a chance of winning the CL next season

Mikel was actually for real



You guys do like p**zy, right?
The idea that Stan Kroenke would accept being left out of this is stupid. If we arent a part of it now im certain we will be in the future.

Arsenal Quotes

I started clapping myself... until I realised that I was Sunderland's manager.

Peter Reid after Bergkamp's goal against Sunderland.