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Blood on the Tracks

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Here's a hypothetical.

If Wenger was still around do you reckon he would have walked rather than take part in the Super League if it was as it's been laid out so far?


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If this gets confirmed unless you where alive in the 60's, it will be official that their will never be a chance for any Sp**s fan to see them ever win the domestic title. One amusing thing I guess in all this ****.

Juan Matas Beard

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I don't have local team but Roma might be good choice for me as depressing and pain as supporting Arsenal.

Think it's a good opportunity for us all to switch allegiances, a great way for us to showcase diversity as Rich and Phil would have wanted it. My new team is PSG.

Can rebrand the forum to


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As an Arsenal fan, I am truly embarrassed that my club is part of this absolute scam. It is a move dictated by greed, plain and simple. I should not be surprised though with an owner like Kroenke. I am ******* glad that this power grab will fail miserably. I would love to hear Arsène's thoughts on this shenanigans.
Pleased and grateful as well that Bayern and PSG have decided not to join this initiative (for whatever reasons).
Arsène said this would happen and that he very much expected it to happen. When he was explaining his thoughts he certainly didn't seem against the idea.


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Bayern will join according to the sources linked above. Along with Leibzig

I am questioning this information. Bayern has a very complicated structure and I would be shocked if the Sporting Director would go ahead and try to join this clumsy initiative w/out the full support of the Board and the fans (who have a lot of say in the club). Keep in mind that German clubs have to have 51% fan ownership. Hard to see Bayern or BVB fans ever agree to join this scam.


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So they trying to include who just founded few years ago and not clubs like Dortmund. So it's pretty much confirmed its who have the most money join

Papa Wonga

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Can't the government force the sale of British institutions if they act in a way that’s not beneficial to the national interest?

Or Bojo could ban Citizenship / Ban american ownership and/or monopolisation'?

Suppose they could freeze assets, but in reality clubs are doing nothing wrong lmao.

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