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Country: Northern Ireland

What's everyone fav Euros too?

2016 might be mine, the Copa America that summer too was a great little duo!

Andrew Cole Linighan

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Country: England

Denmark winning Euro 92. John Jensen scoring a long range goal in the Final. 🇩🇰

England Hosting Euro 96, 'It's coming Home'. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 David Seaman saving in the penalty shootout against Spain.

Thierry Henry winning Euro 2000. France had won the World Cup in 1998. 🇫🇷

England getting to the Final of Euro 21. Final held at Wembley, where England face Italy. Goes to a penalty shootout. Saka's penalty kick is saved, Italy win the Tournament. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

Hopefully Saka and England can draw strength from that so close noment, and go one better in Euro 24.


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2004 was fun. Some really exciting teams... and Greece. What an underdog story. Greece being the ultimate party crasher with their defensive style of football ruining Portugal's home tournament was hilarious, ngl.

Besides 2021 which was an abomination 2016 was the worst in my opinion. Lots of boring games and a final which I wanted both teams to lose...


In The Winchester, Waiting For This To Blow Over

Country: Northern Ireland

What's everyone fav Euros too?

2016 might be mine

The **** is this...2016 over 2008 for a nostalgia merchant!?

Blaming this for us not winning the title last season.

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Country: Ireland
Real ones remember Turkey in 2008. Forget Bayer Leverkusen, those guys really never knew when they were beaten.

Arshavin emerging, Holland destroying Italy and France. Spain absolutely brilliant under the massive racist.

2016 was alright, some memorable moments but low on quality. Italy were the best team that year imo, but narrowly lost to Germany on pens.


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2004. Holland with some exciting players, some old ones on the brink of retirement (Stam, De Boer, I think even Overmars, Davids..) and new talent: Arjen Robben. The entire nation was up in flames when Advocaat subbed off Robben after he tore Czech Republic (a very good team at that time) a new one. He brought on ****ing Paul Bosvelt. We ended up losing 2-3, having been 2-0 up. After already drawn to Germany in the first game, we now needed to beat Latvia and hope Baros, Nedved et al. would do us a huge favour and beat the Germans when they were already through. They did. Can still see the Germans crying.

After that, we beat Sweden after penalties, something that we never managed before. I saw us lose PK's vs Brazil in '98, Italy in 2000.. and now we won.

Then came the Portuguese. Maniche, Figo, that goalie Ricardo that took his gloves off with penalty kicks.. I've hated those diving **** ever since we played them in '04 and '06. So glad Greece won it in the end.

Notable mentions to 2000 and 2008. Can't really be bothered by international football anymore.


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What I like about the Euros is that there's no third place game. Nobody needs that crap. If you lose the semi-final you just want to go home and not play another game.

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