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Everton FC: Everten Points Deducted


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12 point deduction for 20 million breach. They really put themselves in awkward position because it will be compared to other decisions they make. The PL busy with city and Chelsea, championship club suing the PL. it’s all coming down crashing this league

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I have always liked how you have always been a man of the people @Blood on the Farage, respect 👊

I think it's why I have the best like ratio on A-M. People know i'm one of them. I'm relatable etc.

It'll be a dark day for A-M if the leader of the Waitrose shopping, prawn sandwich eating brigade, @A_G ever beats my ratio.


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Burnley suing a club managed by Sean Dyche is kinda funny, ngl 😅


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Great to see that there’s no room for corruption in this sport!

In deciding on the punishment they went away from financial due to Everton having a wealthy owner and settled on sporting point deductions.

I’m sure this means that the relative punishment for a team like MCFC will be automatic demotion out of the football leagues as one season out of the EPL for a club with their wealth would just be a drop in the ocean.


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Can't wait for Pep and City to receive a single point deduction (a suspended deduction of course) for having over 100 times the charges of Everton.

That will show 'em 👍
something like, If you steal a 1000 pounds to go to prison, if you steal you get a slap on the wrist.



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something like, If you steal a 1000 pounds to go to prison, if you steal you get a slap on the wrist.

If you loan a 1,000,000.00 from the bank and default, you have problem. If you loan a 1,000,000,000.00 and default, the bank has a problem.

In this case FAPL has a problem and not Manchester City.

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Feel sorry for Everton fans.
1 charge & a 20m breach is not a fortune, but you have to take the punishment.
I'm sure City (115 charges) & others have done a lot more & will get off lightly due to having more power & erm friends in higher places.
Say what you want about the Kronkes but I'd much rather they run the club than some Shady Russkie or Middle Eastern state.
Many wanted Usmanov in at Arsenal.
We dodged a fkin bullet there.
Many prob still want some Sheik owning the club?

Not for me.
All of Man City and Chelsea's success is tainted. As will be Saudi Toons

Just stinks that the premier league allowed this sh!t to happen.

If other breaches aren't dealt with appropriately I'd love all the other teams to take a stand, walk away and set up a new top division.

Could let the state run clubs & Chavski play in their own mini cesspool league.

Would be 🤣 Although guess It's kinda tough to punish Chelsea for historical offences against a previous owner?


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Controversial take but Friends is garbage TV.

Precursor to sh*te like Big Bang Theory.
Nowadays it's cool to hate on Friends and TBBT. So your take is not controversial. I like Friends and I think TBBT was good for the first few seasons. My take is the controversial one.


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The sins of City and Chelsea are far worse imo and amount to quite classic corruption. In the case of Chelsea I’d say they basically ruined the sport by pioneering the move to view players as collectible assets and the multi club model. Chelsea have done more damage to modern football than any other club.

Just can’t see them getting punished proportionately though, two of the PLs big six, would be seismic if it happened but they’re not gonna strip titles or put them in the championship.

Even if they got relegated it’s just one bad year then they’re back in PL again, it doesn’t take away all the past success. City and Chelsea have already won really.


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I get Leicester and Burnley. But Leeds finished 19th.

Leeds just want a new Ridsdale aquarium. Banter club.
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