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Everton FC: Toffees Gone Stale


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I've always found Dyche a hard one to judge, a real which came first the chicken or the egg scenario.

Did Burnley play brutal football because that was his choice or because he accepted that was the best style to adopt to get the most out of the limited players he had at his disposal?

Vision or pragmatism?

I guess we will find out because for all Everton's woes they have superior footballers technically than Dyche ever had at Burnley.


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He might keep them up (unsure he will to be honest, their defence and attack looks awful) but their fans will definitely want him gone next season with the football he plays...even Burnley fans say he played awful football but they accepted it, Everton fans won't.

Will be like when Fat Sam was at Everton and Newcastle, some clubs are just too big for certain managers.

Good character though, so the league will be better with him in it...hope we smash them on his debut!

Tom Mix

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Sort of Everton 🟦⬜ linked. Duncan Ferguson won't be back at Everton in any Coaching capacity. He has been appointed Head Coach at Forest Green Rovers. 🟩⬛
My Everton supporting Brother in Law text me about it. I work quite close to Forest Green Rovers ground. Maybe some pre season friendlies for FGR against Everton.

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Didn't know "Big Dunc" was a vegan?

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Duncan Ferguson first game in charge of Forest Green Rovers 🟩⬛ today. Away at Shrewsbury, FGR were 1 - 0 up, but conceded two goals in the 90th minute, to lose 2 - 1.



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Dyche seems the sensible signing. I'm a bit surprised he was not holding out for a better run club. Everton seems a basket case with no sense of direction.

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🟦⬜ My Brother in Law is going up to the game on Saturday. I text him to say I fear a possible New Manager Bounce.
Think I have mentioned that I have been to Goodison Park with him, to watch Arsenal 🟥⬜ on two occasions.
The first time was a Sunday game, I was sat with him in the Gladys Street Upper Tier. My Sister came as well. We got to Liverpool quite early. We parked in Stanley Park.. So we, (My Sister and I) thought about having a look at Liverpool, Anfield. 🟥🟥 My Brother in Law was not so enthusiastic, but he came, dragging his feet. We went to have a look around inside the Liverpool Club Store. My Sister's Husband was quite quiet, he wouldn't touch any Liverpool merchandise, he was like Superman coming face to face with Kryptonite.
We then took the walk from Anfield 🏟️🟥🟥 to Goodison Park 🏟️🟦⬜. He began to get his mojo back, began to perk up. Arsenal lost 1 - 0, Andy Johnson scored late on. It was hail stoning towards the end of the match. As we left the ground, it was quite cold, hail stoning. This was April, two ice-cream vans 🍦 were parked up close to the ground. People were buying ice creams in that weather. 🥶
The second time that I went, it was a Wednesday night game. Arsenal drew 1 - 1. Robin Van Persie equalised late in the game for us. You could hear a pin drop in the Gladys Street Upper Tier. I was cheering inside.
I did draw this picture for him last weekend. 🟦⬜



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Honestly, how did they do no business.

After getting the money from Gordon too, think they will get relegated.

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Lampard needs to hold on till we play them. Should still beat them but new manager bounce is a real thing.
Damn Frank, couldn't you just have hold on for one more game you fat ****?

Yes our record at Goodison isn't good but I would have felt much more confident playing Lampard's disorganised, clueless team than a motivated one with a new manager in charge.

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