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Everton FC: Toffees Gone Stale


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Hopefully, they'll go down. We've been in the top division since 1919. Everton are closest to that with 1954. In addition they're the club with most seasons in the top division. We're second on that list, so a few years in the championship will do well.


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So many Everton fans still saying that Lampard is a decent manager with a terrible squad. The truth is that the squad is mediocre at best (but not an obvious relegation candidate) while Lampard is a terrible manager. Benitez did a better jobb with less financial backing.


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Pathetic reactions nowadays from fans. Players aren't safe anymore to drive to their families, but they're being pulled over by drunk kids with an iPhone. Has happened at Arsenal too, so it's not even about a specific group. Add to that the kid that kicks Ramsdale in the stadium.

If I was Gordon or Mina I'd do a hit and run.

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