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I could barely understand a word but Mina was pretty calm when you consider the police told the ownership to stay away because of credible threats to their safety

Doubt Mina could either. He was just nodding in a conciliatory manner to get them as far away from him to turn their anger on another Everton player to get in his car & get the f*ck out of there :lol:


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Public vote of confidence only means one thing…

Lampard needs to hold on till we play them. Should still beat them but new manager bounce is a real thing.

Yes, I was gonna say the same thing, hope they stick with him until we play them, just so we beat them there, so another loss from Arteta = 2nd sacking for Fat Lamps (like he was sacked of Chelsea after losing to us in Boxing Day 2020)

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Apparently Usmanov decides. Moshiri is a front for him. All the money being spent are from Usmanov.
I'm surprised by this as I'm sure that Moshiri sold his Arsenal shares for £750m although Usmanov likely got more when he was bought out. No idea where Kenwright sits in this mess. Either way, Everton's proud record of never being relegated is on real danger

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My Everton 🟦⬜ supporting Brother in Law, is resigned to the fact that Everton could get relegated. If they were to go down, it will be like when Aston Villa got relegated from the Premier League a few years ago, (An ever present member of the Premier League getting relegated).
I worked with a Manchester City supporter during the 1990's, went with him to Maine Road a few times. They experienced relegation under Alan Ball, and they were to get relegated again to League One.
Clubs like Leeds United, Sheffield Wednesday, Sheffield United, have / are experienced life in League One. Could Everton get to that stage?
Everton seemed to be on the right track when Carlo Ancelotti was manager. Rafa was on a no win situation, he would have had to have won a Trophy, to get Evertonians on his side.


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Big Dunc coming in to dent Arsenal's title hopes. Short sleeved white shirt merchants in Liverpool going wild.

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