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Discussion in 'Arsenal History' started by Bossa, Sep 10, 2010.

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  2. hydrofluoric acid

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    Sol Campbell! Will be interesting to follow him in the future! He seems to have something about him as manager!
  3. Vinci

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    That's incredible from Sol the way he has turned it around!

    Nice to see some of the Invincibles making waves as a manager. Vieira drew 1-1 at PSG today as well and Freddie done well with the U23's.
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  5. Sapient Hawk

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    Vieira improving his credentials in France , Sol managing one of the modern great escapes with Macclesfield when no one gave him a chance & Freddie guiding the under 23 side to a fantastic second placed finish.

    Our invincibles are doing well for their managerial profiles. With Edu almost appointed, it can only do the club a world of good in having an Ajax like model with former players in key roles going forward.
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  6. hydrofluoric acid

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    That is a beautiful memory!
  7. Flying Okapis

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    Not sure how many people are interested but here is a list of ex-Arsenal players who were at one time an interesting prospect/not as well know departures and where they are now, the stats are this season only;

    Akpom - PAOK Salonika; 20games 6goals
    Joel Campbell - Leon (Mexico); 12games 1goal
    Sanogo - Toulouse; 19games 3goals
    Wellington Silva - Internacional; 1game
    Podolski - Vissel Kobe; 7games 2goals
    Ryo Miyaichi - FC St Pauli; 24games 5goals
    Djourou - no club; age 32
    Ignasi Miquel - Getafe; 7games
    Thomas Eisfeld - VFL Bochum; 8games
    Bendtner - Rosenborg; 5games
    Ju-yeong Park - FC Seoul; 10games 2goals
    Gervinho - Parma; 27games 10goals
    Nico Yennaris - BJ Sinobo Guan; 5games 1goal
    Sanchez Watt - Billericay
    Denilson - no club age31
    Craig Eastmond - Sutton Utd; 31games 7goals
    Henri Lansbury - Aston Villa; 3games
    Carlos Vela - LA FC; 11games 11goals
    Frimpong - no club/retired
    Armand Traore - C.Rizespor u21; he's 29 :lol:
    J. Emmanuel Thomas - PTT Rayong; 5games 1goal
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  8. albakos

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    Interesting and goes to show you we had some absolute duds. Some memories of few of them who were not regulars.

    It's weird that Djorou is without a club, he probably could've find plenty in Switzerland, France etc... He had a great season in 2010/11 during that run of some big results.

    Ignasi Miquel, was never a convincing player. He played few games as LB, but he sealed his fate with a catastrophic performance when we lost 3-2 away to Brendan's Swansea. A game when on his return Henry had few arguments/shoutouts with the away fans.

    Park - certainly one of the strangest Wenger transfers. Scored a great goal v. Bolton though :)

    Yennaris had the AM up in arms with a nice performance in second half as a RB against United. He never seemed to have the quality though.

    Sanchez Watt, had a great game at League Cup game when our youngsters had a great game. Watt scored and Vela had 2 of his classic chipped goals. It's interesting as I remember a certain Joel Che, a writer at AM, who had written that he sees a future Henry in Sanchez Watt :lol: :lol:

    Henri Lansbury - beside that goal against Sp**s, all were hoping that he would fight his place in first team. He went on few loans and then was downright a ****ing prick when we played Nottingham Forest away at League Cup. He seemed like he intentionally meant to hurt our players as he was flying in tackles and then had few shouts towards our bench. He will probably be offloaded by Villa, as if they get into PL, he does not have quality cc. @Stevo the Villan

    Vela, is a strange case as Wenger didn't seem to favour him and he got disillusioned. to top it off his passport fiasco was hilarious

    Frimpong - Dench merchant, typical example of a failed young prospect.

    Armand Traore, was once hailed as a future LB for years to come, who would replace Clichy. Showed himself as a worthless player at THAT catastrophic performance at OT.

    JET - His only PL performance was few minutes as substitute away at Chelsea, when we were chasing a result.

    Besides these, I had hopes that Jon Toral would become a reliable replacement for Rosicky, as he seemed to have a nice touch, but Wenger neveer trusted him even with a bench on PL.
  9. Rex Banter

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    I’ve actually suggested Sol for a while, he’s been doing a lot of work in the past with some of our youth teams and he smashed his coaching badges out of the park by all accounts.

    He’s a weird bloke and does stupid sh*t online but I think he’s genuinely got some good pedigree as a manager. Out of all our ex players along with Freddie he’s the one I’d back to eventually manage us.
  10. Flying Okapis

    Flying Okapis Most Well-Known Member

    Akpom was one I was kind of expecting more from, maybe at least Championship calibre however he has moved to Greece and by the looks of things still not doing much.

    Joel Campbell is another, he was never the level we needed but Mexico? I thought he could at least make it at a lesser PL club or in Spain.

    Its interesting how much time we invested in some of these players for other clubs to see straight through them and their careers end up moving to lesser leagues around the world.
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  11. balthazar

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    Don't forget Fran Merida. Expected more from his. Was supposed to be as good as Fabregas. Had a cracking goal vs Liverpool though.

    Also I really expected Kyle Bartley to be the future at Arsenal CB. He hasn't done too badly, but it shows had hard it is to predict youngsters. Some bloom early and fade, others bloom later.

    And remember this dude. Looks rather different then at Arsenal
  12. albakos

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    Ah yes, Barazite the traditional scorer vs. Barnet in preseason :)
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  13. American_Gooner

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    Doesn't really count as an ex-gunner since he never got the work permit but this guy was always one of my favourite players in the game, just incredible to watch at his peak.
  14. krackpot

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    Proper champion. Made $ity what they are today.

    Good Luck to him.
  15. Ricardinho

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    The volley at Charlton is so many years ago now :(
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  16. hydrofluoric acid

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    Persie! Was a great player! Thankful that he played here! There were some good moments with him!
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  17. krengon

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  18. lamby22

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    He was the last one for me. By that I mean the last player I ever cared for that left the club. Cesc and him leaving hurt the most. And after RVP I decided that was it I wouldn't care any more.

    His last couple of seasons for Arsenal were exceptional. He carried that team.

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  19. Rex Banter

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    Isn’t that nice.
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  20. American_Gooner

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    hope he can finally get his career on track, he always impressed me whenever I watched him
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