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Discussion in 'Arsenal History' started by Bossa, Sep 10, 2010.

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    ...one of my favourite Arsenal defenders and a wonderful character, quite underrated now as he was superb at his peak.
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    Hope he recovers well.

    I don't understand how he fell off of a cliff after his move to Utd. I guess the ridiculous pay he got kind of set him up for life and he's already achieved practically most of what he set out to achieve I guess.
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  4. Riou

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    His game relied heavily on his physical abilities, added to the fact he never had a summer off when he played for us due to how good that Chile team he played in was...being 29 when he joined United too, think that Alexis was always going to drop off early.

    I also think not getting his deadline day move to City in 2017 as they would go on to smash the league that year, plus missing out on what would probably be his final World Cup for his country on the same day, probably took a lot out of Sanchez mentally...think when he finally joined United 6 months later he was very jaded mentally and physically, so a decline was always on the cards, as you say at nearly 30 he had a great career with plenty of trophies...getting that big contact added to everything else, probably made him lose his "eye of the tiger", similar to Mesut really.
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    That's what happens when you're a traitorous ****.
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    I don't see him as traitor tbf.Not in same way like RVP,Nasri,Adebayor and all that players.He's not our legend either.

    Wenger didn't want Cesc after Barcelona.He wanted to came back to us.
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    Cesc landed exactly where he wanted to
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    I'd do the same in that position
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    Greatest player in Arsenal history! Hopefully, we can find a place for him at Arsenal when he turns to coaching or something!
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    Feels like only yesterday he was breaking into our great 2004/2005 squad, with his beautiful mullet...

    ...where does the time go...
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  16. GDeep™

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    How long was he brilliant on the pitch for though? At the highest level you’ll argue he had 3 top years.

    Because he won a title here he’s become untouchable but I rate guys like Ramsey more I think.
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    Why Cesc Fabregas left Arsenal for Barcelona in 2011

    I'll have to agree with virtually most of what he has to say here. Although there are two sides to the story. One of the best midfield players to grace the Arsenal shirt...and if he stayed a little longer at Arsenal - he probably would have been voted as amongst the best premier league midfielders ever just like how Henry is the best striker.

    People will always see the bad side of football players, its easy to criticise. But be a man when it comes to praise, its a game after-all and as a professional you only have one shot at your career.

    - He is right when he said Van persie and nasri were the only players at his level.

    - He is right when he said the club did not invest

    - He is right about the players mentality professionally. The next batch of players who he grew up with could not even hold a candle to the invincibles when he first arrived.

    - He is right when he said he felt a lot of pressure to perform for the team as a whole. He was a monster when he was captain, everything went through him. A far better player than peak Özil, the kid could do a lot more besides assist.

    If we invested when we were always one or two players off the top (instead we always cut corners) Arsenal would be a different club today.

    Sadly not a legend for Arsenal, but a legendary player when he played for Arsenal.
  18. Tir Na Nog

    Tir Na Nog In Big Trouble If He Speaks

    Kim Kallstrom on his brief time at the club.
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  19. Riou

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    Good man, good player...outstanding on some of the old Championship Manager games, was happy for us to sign him on that alone :lol:
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