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Is it wrong to still love Giroud

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lol Arsenal absolutely could afford Henry, just like Arsenal could afford Haaland today wages an all.

Would they come though? no, Henry was a WC winner by this point iirc. He was branded a flop at Juventus by the British media as well, which was far from the case. Maybe to further sensatialise his ascension to one of the top strikers I don't know.


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I spend a lot of time watching old training videos getting ideas for things to mess about with when I'm having a kick about and Thierry is right up there with guys like Zlatan and Marcelo for some of the most outrageous little warmup tricks you'll ever see. I've been having a lot of fun trying some of the little tricks the birthday boy used to get up to and I feel like everyone has tried the fake pass and the flick up volley against Utd. I didn't just love watching him play for us but he always inspired me and still does to get on the ball and try something.


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Arsenal's great African internationals...


...my man Chamakh made the cover but not Auba, was Arteta the lead designer on this? :lol:


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Instead of bringing Tubbymans from Leicester to The Carpet, can we just bring King Kolo back as a coach from that sinking ship instead?

...need this absolute don back home, imo!


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Must say I am impressed with Martin Keown as a pundit. Really well spoken and clear headed although you can sense a passion and at times anger underneath. One man I think one should not pick a fight with!



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Glad to see OG still contributing to Milan. He's probably the most underrated, abused strikers to play for us.

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