FA Cup 17/18

Discussion in 'Football Talk' started by American_Gooner, Dec 4, 2017.

  1. pacstud

    pacstud Well-Known Member

    I have to hate in the moment....One less team to root against ;)
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  2. Mo Britain

    Mo Britain Doom Monger

    They had one goal. That's enough to win if the other team draws a blank. Everyone has a pop at Wenger when Arsenal misfire, time to have a pop at Pep. Given the disparity between the teams this is a far more disgraceful result than the defeat at Forest and the attempt to dress it up by moaning about the sending-off and emphasising their dominance makes him as bad a loser as Wenger.
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  3. Mo Britain

    Mo Britain Doom Monger

    Eric Cantona does not like this.
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  4. M18CTID

    M18CTID Active Member

    Well that didn’t go according to plan - well done the pie eaters.....
  5. GeorgiaGunner

    GeorgiaGunner Closet United Fan

    City had a non-negligible shot at a (real) treble or even quadruple this year. I'm okay with one of United or Chelsea getting a single trophy, especially one they've poo-pooed historically, if it helps deny that sort of immortality to a financially doping club. If/when they're bounced from the CL, I might start agreeing with you.

    No clue how I'd feel if Sp**s were the only thing standing in the way of a City quadruple / real treble, though. Would probably have to start looking for nearby tall buildings.
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  6. Dammit

    Dammit Well-Known Member

    Wow people are so happy United or Sp**s will win a cup this season ffs. Please Chelsea do your job.
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  7. c00lguy

    c00lguy Well-Known Member

    Didn't bother watching as I thought it would just be another City rout, interesting result. Makes me slightly more positive for Sunday.
  8. dashsnow17

    dashsnow17 Well-Known Member

    Um, but, you guys lost?
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  9. SuperGoon

    SuperGoon Debbie Downer

    Will be surprised if Aguero doesn't get a lengthy suspension. Pitch invasion or not, it's not good conduct to hit a fan.
  10. kopzilla

    kopzilla Always Negative

    This loss for City is bad for us...now they'll be doubly careful not to lose the final....a win here would have made them slightly complacent.
  11. M18CTID

    M18CTID Active Member

    To be fair, if you look at this it seems the one throwing the punch is the Wigan fan:

    Before retaliating, Aguero appears to brush him aside rather than throw a punch. For a good while, there was hardly a steward or a copper in sight. I'm also hearing that the fan spat at Aguero.

    As for pitch invasions, I totally agree - if the fans are just celebrating then fair enough but what the viewers might not have seen last night is that plenty of their fans who invaded the pitch came straight over to our end and called it on with our fans - check out the vid in this tweet:
    Exactly the same happened in 2002 when they knocked us out of the League Cup. Funnily enough, I was in the Wigan end that night as I was on a corporate jolly with some people from work.
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  12. dashsnow17

    dashsnow17 Well-Known Member

    I don't really agree with those two points. I mean firstly it looks like the fan's arm goes up as a reaction to Aguero's swing. Also it just looks like the Wigan fans were giving it large to City fans and City fans reacted by vandalising the stadium and throwing stuff at them. I'm not seeing any genuine victimhood on behalf of the City fans there.

    Essentially it seems like City's line of argument is: we have very expensive players, it is unacceptable for members of the public to be allowed near them without permission so we cannot accept responsibility for what happened. Wigan should be punished.

    I find that a bit silly.
  13. celestis

    celestis Arsenal-Mania Veteran Moderator

    Suprised Wigan has so many fans :eek:.

    City shouldn't escape punishment though , Fa should award us a 2-0 goal head start and KDB only allowed to play 45 mins seems fair . :p
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  14. M18CTID

    M18CTID Active Member

    I'm not excusing the behaviour of our fans afterwards but that was started by the Wigan fans coming over to our end and goading our fans. I've no issue with them taking the piss in the stands but when they come over and start goading fans in the way they did, there's always going to be a reaction. Wigan fans ought to thank their lucky stars that it was City - I can think of a fair few other clubs where the fans would've reacted far worse than ours did. Also, check out the firework thrown into the City end on 58 seconds mate.

    Regarding your second paragraph, it IS wholly unacceptable for fans to approach players in that way, regardless of how expensive or inexpensive the player is. There's more and more footage coming out now that is showing that fan in a bad light. As I said, there's also a pic doing the rounds of the fan spitting at Aguero. I'm sure you'll agree that that is as despicable as it gets.
  15. M18CTID

    M18CTID Active Member

    Can't argue with that ;)

    Mind you, you might not need any head start going off last night as we couldn't hit a cow's arse with a banjo!
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  16. tap-in

    tap-in :-)

    Cantona didnt need them on the pitch, he went for them in the stands :lol:
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  17. tap-in

    tap-in :-)

    I love the fact Wigan were playing Oasis over the PA after the whistle. I wonder if they played "Dont look back in anger!" :lol:
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  18. pacstud

    pacstud Well-Known Member

    It's not snowballs with batteries in them, but still unacceptable.
  19. dashsnow17

    dashsnow17 Well-Known Member

    Will Grigg:

    “The last time I looked it was about 4am,” the Northern Ireland striker says. “I needed to catch up with the television because the match itself went by in a blur, but to be honest the whole night was a bit like that. By the time I got home I had about a hundred WhatsApps and 50-odd text messages. A mix of friends, team-mates, ex-team mates, it was great to see them. So I made myself a drink and sat down, keeping in touch with everyone and flicking through the best bits on television. I couldn’t have slept anyway. I’m usually bad after games but this one especially so.”

    What a f*cking fantastic way to spend an evening. Score against the best team in the country, go home, get plastered and watch it all over again. Lovely stuff.
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  20. Rimaal

    Rimaal Questionable Taste

    Sp**s v Rochdale is on. Any hope of a giant slaying?

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