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FA Cup 2022/23

Pop Tart

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hope Brighton win , good side to watch and have given us good players in past two seasons. like watching mitoma


Negative Nancy

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We can’t have mitrovic be banned more than 5 games. In 6 games they play city at home


I rAtE aNgE !
United truly are bang average. Can't believe they are actually in so many cups still.

Didn't deserve the win today at all.


Only Came To See Granit Xhaka

Country: Kosova
He deserves to get banned until the end of the season. He was very violent and his rage against the referee was not only one touch or push, he went on with his violence until everyone had to run to the rescue of the referee. This player is very violent, has mental issues and is the dirtiest player in the PL a faker. and not saying that only because he is a serb but because that is the truth.

I do not have any high opinion of English referees, but at the same time, I would ban for life any player that tries to hit, beat or behave violently against referees. Unless you would want it to become a farmers league where referees get beaten and maltreated every day. ORDER YOU FAT SACK FULL OF ****.



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Surely this semi final should have been played in the north? Sad to see the empty seats.

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