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FA Cup 3rd Round: Arsenal v Liverpool


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Such a sh*t draw, now Mikel has another excuse to not play youth. Looks like a tit for not playing the young lads when we were 8-0 up vs Lens!
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Tottenham v Burnley
Wigan v Man Utd
Man City v Huddersfield
Chelsea v Preston

Everyone getting a nice draw…except Liverpool
Fixed that for you.

Is this a bit of an early match day thread?

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Normally big fan of the fa cup but can't say I'm mad bothered this season. Obvs want us to win but would sooner have a full on tilt at the league & Champs league tbh.
I guess being back in the ECL for the 1st time in years has brought that home.

So Prem & ECL well clear for me this season.


🎵 Edu getting rickrolled 🎵
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What’s with all the negativity around here? Fking cowards. It’s at the Emirates, we’ll do em


You're wrong, no?
I wish we go out early but would still fancy beating them, can't stand their filthy accent like talking to dogs or something
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